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Ride Sharing and your Personal Car Insurance

Everyday people are using their personal vehicles to make some quick, extra cash.  Hey there's nothing wrong with that but let's talk about your personal car insurance first.

You may have some "Holes" in your policy for using your personal car for something other than personal use.

There are many services out there such as: UBER, Sidecar, Lyft, RideShare, and many more in the future. 

At Tristar Insurance Services, LLC, we want to make sure you're properly insured and protected from an unforseen accident.

Call us or email us today.  We're ready to help protect you so you can make a little extra jingle in your pocket.

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Thanks Lori, Kristy, Rodney, I have to compliment the entire group at TriStar for such wonderful customer service. I know my picture wouldn't be on your wall of excellence for being your most outstanding customer, yet you all have always accommodated me with the highest courtesy and service, and like the credit card company says, that's priceless. Best Regards Scott
Scott W. New Bern NC (Contractor)


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Tristar Insurance Services

Tristar Insurance Services

Tristar Insurance Services